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Foshan Yutu Electronics Co., Ltd



We are a factory that mainly produces screen protection, and the price is very advantageous

60%of the screen protection in the Middle East is supplied by us

Foshan Yutu Electronics Co., Ltd
Foshan Yutu Electronics Co., Ltd
Foshan Yutu Electronics Co., Ltd

Our Products

Our products include mobile phone 3c accessories. Screen protection is our most advantageous, with lens protection, explosion -proof, ceramic film, TPU, etc.

Our Brand

We have 4 brands, and 4 are long -term cooperation brands. Some promote Europe, and some promote the Middle East.

Our company introduction

Our company's initial period was January 2012, Owning four brands , Go-des,G-One ,Yutu, etc. Mainly developing and producing mobile phone accessories,such as screen protection, mobile phone case, mobile phone bracket, etc. We have three factories, including tempered glass film manufacturing plants, packaging printing plants, and a large comprehensive production plant.

Glass raw material factory

We have our own glass processing factory, which are cut, tempered, polished, cleaned, silk, electroplating and other processes.

Laser cutting workshop

We have more than 20 large laser cutting machines, which can cope with complex graphic operations and quickly produce.

Packing and printing factory

We have our own packaging and printing factory, 5 packaging box designers, we can quickly customize the box for you.

Comprehensive factory

We are a company that is produced in integration. From the development of products, raw materials, craftsmanship, semi -finished products, we can all make in the final products.

Powerful advantages

Our company has the entire industry chain and can quickly solve problems for you, without intermediaries earning price differences, providing the best price.

Provide high-quality 3C peripheral products, technology, and services.

Foshan Yutu Electronics Co., Ltd